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Bishop Gobourne has been ministering in songs for the Lord since 1979. Today, he still has a now-word and new melody in his heart to help someone along.

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Get to Know More About Bishop Gobourne

Bishop Gobourne is an internationally acclaimed gospel artist and pastor. Known for his soul-stirring gospel-reggae music and soul-searching powerful sermons, he is the founder and CEO of and Gospel Meadows Ministries. His heart, body, and soul resonate with blessings during the weekly uplifting praise and worship services at Higher Dimension Church of God in Orlando, FL

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Music Ministry of Bishop Gobourne

Explore Bishop Gobourne’s catalog, featuring award-winning songs and albums that have touched the hearts of listeners worldwide. From soulful melodies of “Shout Hallelujah,” “Potter’s House,” to powerful anthems of “Eye of the Storm,” and “Use His Name,” his music is a testament to the divine inspiration that guides his artistic expression.

For booking inquiries, collaborations, or general communication, reach out to Bishop Gobourne through the provided contact information.

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Bishop is a renown Gospel Hall of Famer.

New Realease: Shout Hallelujah

What People Say

“Good morning Bishop, Sister Blackstock in Jamaica. God bless you Sir.”
Sr Blackstock
“Good night, Man of God, good word! God bless you.”
Evang Dorman
“Happy and Blessed Birthday Bishop. Ejoy your very special day.”
V Wilson
“Good evening my brother. Keep on keeping on.”
E Nelson
“Thanking the Lord for sparing us from past storm that past in Jamaica. No life was lost.”
A Davis
“Hello Bishop, that is one of my favorite songs. Thank you so much for your kind words. Blessings to you always.”
V Gordon

Bishop's Contact Team

Booking Management

Elder Neville Ferguson is Manager at Gospel Meadows Ministries. For any booking responsibilities, please feel free to contact Mr Ferguson for Bishop Gobourne’s availability.


Neville Ferguson

Social Media Growth

Rob Reid and Team QSMReid offer Social Media support across Bishop Gobourne’s platforms. For more information, visit

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