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Bishop Gobourne
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Bishop Gobourne is renowned for his annual Mother’s Day Concerts, uniting churches, families, and friends. A stellar lineup of gifted artists and anointed singers delivers gospel hymns with a contemporary and refreshing reggae overtone. Attendees leave renewed, refreshed, rejuvenated, and revived from the transformative experience.

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  • WOKB Radio Broadcast, Tues @8:30pm
  • Zoom Bible Studies & Prayer, Wed @7:00pm
  • YouTube Membership: Click to access pre-releases, discounts and special perks.

Stay tuned for upcoming events, concerts, and special services. Check the schedule for opportunities to experience Bishop Gobourne’s impactful ministry in person.

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I'm Free

Artist: Bishop Gobourne

Awesome Day

Artist: Bishop Gobourne

He Came

Artist: Bishop Gobourne

Bishop Gobourne - Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm

Artist: Bishop Gobourne

Jehovah Cares

Artist: Bishop Gobourne

When I Knelt

Artist: Bishop Gobourne

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